Wednesday, August 13, 2003

News flash: Gov. Judy Martz announced this morning that she will not run for re-election.
"I have accomplished what I set out to do," she said in remarks prepared for delivery at a news conference this morning. "I have enacted my vision. That is why I have decided not to seek a second term as Montana's governor. When my term is completed it will be time to return home and tackle new challenges."
According to her prepared text, she defended her administration's performance on energy, economic development and fiscal responsibility.
"In very difficult times, that demanded true leadership, I have done what I said [I] would," she said. "I think everyone would agree that I have always
been upfront and honest with my neighbors. Maybe even too honest and frank, but I have resisted political temptations
and done what is right."
But she acknowledged that her administration has been troubled.
"I have the finest job in the world," she said. "It is for that reason that it is very difficult to make a decision about re-election. Some have asked how it could be so difficult to decide after some [of] the problems I experienced early in this term. Among the difficulties, we have dealt with tragedy and adversity, some self-imposed, some stemming from misperception, and some the result of staff."
Despite that, she termed her administration a success. And she said she would not get involved in picking her successor.
"I am not going to chill discourse," she said. "That would have weakened the process. My decision has been made without regard for other candidates."
Schweitzer vs. Brown?

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