Sunday, August 24, 2003

Sean Hannity was blathering on the other day about references to the Creator in the Declaration of Independence. His argument was that the Founding Fathers believed God had a place in public life, so it's OK to place the Ten Commandments in a public building. It's a familiar argument that interestingly omits the U.S. Constitution, which leaves God out of the Preamble and mentions religion only in restrictive references, e.g., no establishment of religion, no religious test for public office. Clearly, the Founding Fathers recognized a distinction between calling on the Lord when launching a revolution and calling on the Lord when establishing the framework for a civil republic dedicated to protecting the rights of people to believe whatever they damn well please. I'm not sure Hannity gets the distinction.

As for the Ten Commandments, it's a tough call and I haven't quite made up my mind. But I got a laugh out of this thought from MediaWhoresOnline Watch Watch Watch Watch : "AND IN ALABAMA THOSE JESUS FREAKS ARE WORSHIPPING A FUCKING STONE THAT SAYS DON'T WORSHIP A FUCKING STONE ON IT!"

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