Monday, July 02, 2007


Apparently, amnesty is OK for some people.

UPDATE: A commenter suggests I go look at Bill Clinton's pardons. I won't because I don't care about Bill Clinton's pardons, but this is certainly of interest. And so is this. The only president since FDR to commute fewer sentences than George W. Bush was his daddy.


KIrk Dooley said...

As always, the GOP operates on two rules:

The ends justify the means, and

Do as I say, not as I do.

(I notice that the elephants are up in arms that Sandy Berger -- Clinton's national security advisor -- got a slap on the wrist for sneaking classified documents out of the Library of Congress. Berger, to them, is a common criminal, while Scooter is a patriot for taking the fall for Cheney. Perhaps Libby will serve his time in a secure, undisclosed jail.)

Harry Cudgel, Constitution Rangers! said...

Before you go off the deep end, you might want to read about the more than 500 pardons Bill Clinton granted.


By: Harry Cudgel, Constitution Rangers!

Anonymous said...

I haven't followed the Scooter Libby thing at all.

Careful David, you're showing a trace of liberalism, if you refuse to compare the GWB administration to the Clinton administration.

Sandi Berger raided the archives to protect his ex-boss and got off scott-free.

How about Marc Rich's wife giving $1 mil to the Clinton library in exchange for a pardon?

Those are just two examples.

The Democrats are in a huge glass house here, and I think they'll whine a little to get whatever political capital they can, but little else will come from it.

David said...

Eric, I see no reason to compare Bush and Clinton. Clinton's errors do not justify Bush's actions. Those must stand on their own.

tovarish said...

It's interesting that when GWB was governor of Texas, he had much respect for the findings of juries there and had 152 people executed under his watch.It didn't matter if they were mentally retarded or a great grandmother.
It's nice that he has compassion now.