Sunday, July 15, 2007

Must read

If you haven't read Karbon Kounty Moos' brucellosis post, now you no longer have an excuse.


moos said...

Thanks, David - I've been more than a little busy. . .

Anonymous said...

She tells it like it is. Instead of all this political posturing on all sides, why doesn't USDA, Park Service, WY, MT, ID work on a real solution to the problem.

Anonymous said...

I get a leetle tired of whiney ranchers! Specially backeasters who move to Montana. They've bout worn out any sympathy they had. Maybe them other ranchers shouldn't'a IMPORTED CATTLE FROM TEXAS, a state with a brucellosis problem! The buffer is a GOOD idea. Look, we ALL got problems in life. I'll trade mine for a ranch ANY day! And I promise not to whine.

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

Anonymous said...

Larry, I don't call people names on blogs or in person so I am not starting with you even tho I can think of several that fit. The whole point of the moos blog is that the "solution" is not a solution. Nothing has been done to control brucellosis. Nothing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I happen to think that the GOVERNOR'S SOLUTION IS A SOLUTION! Oh sure, whiners are gonna whine. That's what they do. Hell, everyone KNOWS that ag people aren't friggin' happy unless they're whinin'! That's just the way it is. Oh, and they do STUPIDARSE things too, like importing cattle from Texas, which is NOT a b. free state, and then, THEN, blaming it on the bison when their cattle get it too! You see, the other really annoying trait of ag people is that they blame EVERTHING on public resources! Yep. Got brucellosis? Well, LET'S KILL ALL THE BISON! Hell, that's what racicough wanted to do. And I find it just a wee bit arrogant to say that the govenor's buffer idea is NOT a solution. Ahemmmm! Who died and made YOU governot? But hey, those are just my thoughts, and we ALL know they don't matter much, cause I'm not a "rancher"!! In fact, I WORK FOR A LIVING! No govt. checks for me. (damn!) Sorry, but the truth hurts. You insult ALL Montanans whend you insult the gov's plan. I think we ought'a kill off a bunch of cows every time a bison is infected! Works both ways.


Anonymous said...

Larry, you must know a heck of a lot more about the gov's plan than has been in the media to be so sure it is a "solution." One thing for sure, the "solution" won't impact either you or the gov. After all, you work for a living.

I keep wondering how you know that those long horned cattle came from Texas? I know they grow them there but I see places all over the west where they breed and produce them. They are a great favorite for rodeos and ropers.

Oh, and didn't we read somewhere (sorry I can't quote chapter and verse) that the strain of the disease was from wildlife, determined by lab tests?

And as for whinin, having read your comments all over the internet for some time now, I think you are pretty good at it.

michael said...

As a commenter so adaptively said when Larry commented about whiney ranchers and threw in the "east coast" remark says... WELL it just shows how stupid he is.

"And as for whinin, having read your comments all over the internet for some time now, I think you are pretty good at it."

I could not agree more with them.

As for Karen - WELL let's just say Larry you don't have a clue!!!!

BTW - I'd be happy to provide the cheese for you anytime.