Thursday, July 19, 2007

Billings vs. the war

The Outpost editor takes a regrettably incomplete look at what could be an upcoming vote on an Iraq War resolution before the Billings City Council.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure what the wording of any resolution should be, but we are $500 billion into it with 3600 deaths and multiple numbers of wounded. The cost is staggering and it is all for nothing. in the meantime, we still can't even catch/find BinLaden. Geez, what a mess. I guess someone will have to volunteer to be the last person killed, and then we can go home. You can be sure that the volunteer won't be the son or dtr of anyone in Congress or the administration. They all know it is a mess, and they want no part of it--except to send others over there on borrowed money. So, I think the city of Billings ought to have the opportunity to say,"like the little mouse, we have had enough cheese, we just want out of the trap."

CBC said...

Nonsense. By any calculation, Iraq barely registers on the scale of America’s past wars. You people need to find something big to worry about.

David said...

By ANY calculation? You have a vast misunderstanding of history.