Saturday, July 14, 2007

Best movie line

Much as I like "Cool Hand Luke," Sullivan has me. This has to be the best movie line ever.

UPDATE: When I saw Dave's comment, I knew he had either lost his mind or I had the wrong link. Guess it was me. Try this one instead.


Dave Rye said...

That line (and movie) opened up a whole new career for Leslie Nielsen, who had previously been mostly a villain or a bland kind of hero. Then came the discovery of his ability to deliver a ridiculous line with a perfectly deadpan expression.

From supporting actor in his youth to star in late middle age, all because he could maintain a face and voice full of apparent gravitas, while playing a character utterly unaware of his surroundings and clueless in general. A career with a nice twist!

Dave Rye said...

So how come it's always the OTHER guy who might have lost his mind?

Runner-up to Peter Sellers' great line as the President is the explanation of the Soviet Ambassador for having built the world's most fearsome weapon: "We were afraid of a doomsday gap."

KIrk Dooley said...

A running gag throughout "Airplane!" (one of hundreds) was when Lloyd Bridges's character would utter the line, "Looks like I picked the wrong week to..." (quit smoking, drinking, amphetemines). In the final scene in the control tower, his list of vices abandoned and picked back up again comes to a crescendo when he says, "I can't take any more of this. Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue." The next shot shows him hanging upside down (although the camera is upside down with him) stoned out of his gourd.

They don't make motion pictures like that anymore...

BTW: Leslie Nielsen is living in semi-retirement in Paradise Valley, AZ and does commercials for the credit union (Arizona Federal Credit Union) I belong to. He also does public service ads for ServiceArizona (a website you can use to renew your drivers license, plates, etc.), one of which he did with Phoenix's own Alice Cooper (they get busted by a cop for having expired tags--on their golf cart).