Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gov releases budget

Gov. Brian Schweitzer released his budget proposal for the biennium this afternoon. Among the highlights, according to the accompanying news release:

* General fund spending down 2.5 percent.

* $20 million for children's health insurance.

* $124 million increase in education funding.

* $25 million in one-time money to retrofit government buildings to make them more energy efficient.

* $250 million left in the bank at the end of the biennium.

“I know inflation is eating away at all of us," the governor said. "But I’ve said since last January that this session would feel like a belt-tightening one. But we’ll get through this as Montanans always have.”

1 comment:

Chuck Rightmire said...

It's not enough for schools now and by the time the GOP gets done in the Legislature, I'm sure the money for 155 and schools at all level will have a whack job done on them (by the whackos). The only way our system has ever been able to come out of a recession or Depression has been for the state and federal governments to spend money, even if it means a tax increase.