Sunday, November 16, 2008

Joe Schlesser

I was glad to see this kind letter in today's Gazette about Joe Schlesser, formerly the funny and wildly energetic entrepreneur of Artspace.

Joe was a good guy whose various claims to fame included one guaranteed to knock me over: He had once seen my great childhood hero, Roy Rogers, naked. It was nothing scandalous -- a momentary encounter while changing for the swimming pool -- but it couldn't have impressed me more if he had said he had shaken hands with Michelangelo.

Now both Joe and Roy are gone. What hope is there for the rest of us?


Ed Kemmick said...

I was glad to see it, too. Joe lived directly across the street from me for five or six years, including the period when he and his girlfriend opened Cafe Jones, the coffeeshop that preceded Joe's solo effort, Artspace. He was a great neighbor. One of our pastimes was sitting across the street from each other, on our porches, and screaming in tandem at punks driving down Avenue C too fast. Our double-barreled attack always freaked them out. If I had to criticize Joe for anything, it would have be his taste in beer. He was a confirmed Keystone Light drinker. On the other hand, when I used to get off work at midnight and was out of beer, I'd knock on Joe's door and I'd drink his Keystone Light. Under the circumstances, the beer was almost good.

I had forgotten Joe's Roy Rogers story; or maybe I tried to forget it. Joe's service will be tonight, Tuesday, at 7, in the Smith Funeral Chapel, downtown.

David said...

Ed, Don't mention the Keystone Light. Too soon.