Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thursday talk radio update

Sean Hannity continued to assure us all that he is rooting for Barack Obama to do well as president. To show us that he was serious, he encouraged Obama every few seconds by pointing out that he is a dishonest radical socialist whose cabinet picks so far prove that he is:

1. A dishonest radical socialist.
2. Indistinguishable from the Clintons. Or
3. Weak and indecisive.

It's gonna be a great four years.


Eric said...

Well David, I haven't watched Hannity & Colmes for a while, but if Obama appoints Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, and fills his administration with Clinton appointees, it's not the 'change' he promised, is it? I hate to be proved correct on this one, but it's starting to look like the 'change' has already happened, and now it's business as usual in Washington.

Chuck Rightmire said...

As someone said in Tidbits this week: What this country needs is more free speech worth listening to.

David said...

Actually, I'm pretty encouraged by Obama's picks, for the same reason I liked his vice presidential pick better than McCain's: McCain picked someone who would make him a better candidate; Obama picked someone who would make him a better president.

I don't know where the idea came from that it takes inexperienced people to bring about positive change. If I were to set about to shake things up in Washington, I would start by hiring people who know how Washington works.

Anonymous said...

While I didn't vote for Obama, I didn't strongly dislike him either. As a country, we'll have to rally behind him given the economic crisis we face. 95% of his focus will be on getting the economy back on track.

While he ran on change, the fact he's picked some old hands, rather than new ones, is good, I think. If the economy were booming, I'd feel differently.

But now everything has changed. We face grim times, obviously, and so Obama has to act quickly (and abandon his plan to stay in the background til Bush's term ended) and call on old hands who know the economy inside and old. The market reacted well Friday to his first move. More than anything, Americans need reassurance.

Things have changed so much that Obama will have to change the tax and spending policies he ran on. He won't be raising taxes on anyone, even the rich, any time soon. He'll be doing a lot of deficit spending. Instead of launching a new health care program, he'll probably have to create a jobs program & put people to work on infrastructure improvements.

This will be a test of his leadership ability, to adapt to radically changing circumstances. He's never come close to facing a challenge like this, so we'll see what he is made of.

David said...

Anonymous 1036,
I wish I could disagree with you, but I fear that you are exactly right.

Kirk Dooley said...

While I voted for Obama, here in AZ, his election may prove a disaster for this state. It looks like he'll appoint our governor -- Janet Napalitano -- for Secretary of Homeland (In)Security, which may help in the realm of doing something about illegal immigration (the problems we face here regarding this are mainly because of failures of the federal government), but will mean that the GOP will dominate the state government.

Napalitano will be replaced by the Secretary of State, Jan Brewer (Arizona is one of the few states that has no Lieutenant Governor) who was a very partisan Republican member of the state legislature in the 90's. Both houses of the Legislature are held by not only the GOP, but by the extreme far right wing of the party (the same group who tried to legalize freon a few years back, and managed to get articles of secession passed by the House).

Right now, Governor Napalitano's veto pen has been the only thing keeping some of the more loony ideas from becoming law in this state (she's made over 130 vetoes in 6 years). And since the budget is about a billion dollars in the red, you can bet that the Repub's would like to take a meat axe to programs that would help education (there's a reason AZ has more charter schools -- some of which have been run by some very questionable characters -- than any other state) and healthcare (this state didn't even join Medicare until the 90's), while charging towns and cities to use state crime labs (they've even taken away money that was supposed to be shared with cities and counties), while still giving tax breaks to businesses that gave the GOP brib....I mean, campaign contributions.

Ed Kemmick said...

Quoting Eric Coobs: "I hate to be proved correct."

Rest easy, man. After all these years it hasn't happened yet.

Eric said...

All the time Ed -

About the only thing I've missed on lately was Obama being elected - but at least I have the consolation that we in Montana went for McCain, don't I?

I truly hope I am proved wrong, and Obama does some good things.