Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Wrong on Rye

Dave Rye just allowed a caller to read a big piece of an e-mail alleging that Barack Obama thinks the national anthem should be "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing." This e-mail has been floating around for a while. It is, of course, folderol, and has been solidly swatted down.

OK, radio hosts can't know everything and perhaps shouldn't even be expected to always ferret out pure fraud. But this was pretty ludicrous on its face. Beyond that, when another caller complained, Rye defended the earlier caller, saying he thought what she said was true. I'm not sure whether he meant "true" in the sense of being based on actual facts or "true" in the sense that it serves his larger point that: Liberals are unpatriotic; Obama is a liberal; therefore, Obama is unpatriotic.

But surely, Dave, facts should count for something, even on talk radio. Shouldn't they?


Anonymous said...

Dave Rye has a huge upside - a good mind and heart. He just never goes there - quite frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Why they let that uninformed blithering idiot commandeer our airwaves is beyond comprehension. Bring Berg back! Anyone but this buffoon!

Anonymous said...

[i}Liberals are unpatriotic; Obama is a liberal; therefore, Obama is unpatriotic.[i]

Obama isn't unpatriotic because he's a liberal, it's because he despises America. The liberalism is just a symptom.

Anonymous said...

Eric is unpatriotic because he continues to bubble over with silliness and gives Montanans and all Americans a bad name by association. Let go of the talking points with your Kool-Aid stained fingers.

Ed Kemmick said...

And let's not forget that Eric is the one who said repeatedly, at many different blogs, that Americans would never elect anyone but a white male as president this year. His critical-thinking skills are as limp as his predictions.

Todd said...

Kemmick, it's high time you returned to your post over at the City Lights blog. Do it for America. Get the Lights back on!

David said...

I'm David Crisp, and I approve your message.

Anonymous said...

Ed - I never claim to be correct 100% of the time - and it looked like a very safe prediction.

I'm not going to become an Obama-hater.

He will be the next President, and all we can do is hope he gets enough O.J.T, since he has no experience qualifying him for the job.

In Montana we can remain blameless, because we, as a State, voted for McCain.