Friday, November 28, 2008

Tap twice if you hear me

Spam e-mail subject line of the week: IS IT TRUE THAT YOU ARE NOT ALIVE.


Kirk Dooley said...

This sounds like an e-mail a blogger would receive when he hasn't posted in 5 days. ;-) (Although I'm sure he had a good reason.)

If I were to receive an e-mail like that, it'd probably have this subject line: Please Is It True That You Are Not Alive. (As if they'd get what they want...)

EvilTwin said...

I'm alive enough to have heard Dave Rye say today that he cannot bear to listen to people with New York accents (in a discussion of Michael Savage.) Talk about provincialism at its best! I wonder how he feels about Southerners? I suppose when someone speaks with an British accent that gain 10 IQ points in his books.

6 Generations said...

We still get mail addressed to my father-in-law, who has been dead since 1991. We laugh especially at the solicitations from companies selling life insurance.

So I wouldn't be the least surprised to receive an e-mail asking me: Is It True that You Are Not Alive?

Eric said...

Did you respond, or leave them to wonder?