Thursday, July 20, 2006

Burns: not so bad

In recent days, I've been getting a pile of e-mails from the office of U.S. Sen. Conrad Burns about appropriations he has wrangled for Montana. It's no mystery why: His seat is crucial, and he is in danger of losing it, just as he was against Brian Schweitzer six years ago. So the Republican-controlled Congress will be shooting money Montana's way with great alacrity.

I wonder how much of Burns' vaunted ability to bring home the pork for Montana relies on the fact that he is such a vulnerable candidate? In fact, it occurs to me that if you love big government (and who doesn't?) Burns is the ideal senator for this state: weak enough that he always needs help and strong enough that he can't be written off entirely.

I'm not sure how you work that notion into a political campaign. Here's my best slogan so far: Conrad Burns -- just good enough. Better submissions are welcome.

UPDATE: How about this one? Conrad Burns: Good enough for government work.


Shane C. Mason said...

Vote Conrad Burns Or Decency Will Ruin Our State

DMerriman said...

How about...
"Conrad Burns - mediocre isn't bad."

Mark T said...

This is among the most insightful comments you've ever posted. I wondered too at the avalanche of money coming our way. Now I understand it better. We're being propositioned.

Todd said...

Why do you hate America?

Anonymous said...

Conrad Burns -- Because Missouri deserves three Senators.

Just a thought (which could be chalked up to beginner's luck): How many Senators and Reps after their career in the Congress is over (either their choice or -- ideally -- the people who are their employers, otherwise known as the voters) wind up staying in DC as consutants or lobbyists?

My guess is that if Burns is sent packing, he'll wind up taking Cactus Jack Abrahamoff's old office at Greenberg Taurig. Heck, even the patron saint of Montana politics, Mike Mansfield, wound up working for a DC consulting firm instead of coming home to Montana from the embassy in Tokyo. After being wined and dined by the DC elite for 18 years, it'll be a real comedown for Conrad to go back to doing the 6:00 a.m. ag report on the Northern Broadcasting Network. ;-)

Kirk Dooley

dekwkg said...

Conrad--he's been "real" and he's been "good." He just hasn't been "real good."

Anonymous said...

What is a Senators job?

To have lofty ideas about the greater good of America? Or is it to support his home State first?

I expect them to put Montana first. And that is exactly what Senator Burns does.

Anonymous said...

Here's my entry. Hope Connie likes it. Hope Chucky D. uses it.