Sunday, July 09, 2006

E-mail of the day

This comes from Bill White, who has been in occasional contact since a Nazi filed to run for office in Bozeman. White now says he has resigned from the National Socialist Movement. His reason:

My resignation comes days after it was revealed that the Chairman of the National Socialist Movement is involved in a Satanic cult called the "Joy of Satan".
Further, this cult certainly engages in inappropriate sexual discussions with children through their "Teens for Satan" e-group, if not actual sex with minors.

And, it appears many senior NSM members are members of this cult group, including at least one convicted child molestor that was readmitted to the NSM last year without much explanation.

Mass murder of children is OK, apparently. Just don't have sex with them first.

Here's the offending website. Much more here.


Mark T said...

"Mass murder of children is OK..." Hmmm ... seems to me I've seen this phenomenon in my lifetime in a little Arab country whose name begins with I ... oh - wait! That would be one of our crimes. Surely you're referring to one of their crimes. When we do it, it's not a crime, right? Ah, the banality of evil. The most monstrous of crimes committed by the most ordinary of people, all in the course of a day's work.

Anonymous said...

Uh, you know, like uh, you know, if say I wanted to join Satan's Army, would I like have to go to boot camp first? Cause I wouldn't want to join if I had to, uh, you know, get a hair cut.

Anonymous said...

So that's Why their E-Group is offline..... but so what?

The Parents of the kids should do a little more parenting and less

"I'm Busy being a grown up, so take some Ridalyn and sit in front of the computer for hours while I'm off not paying attention".

If they didn't want their kids participating in those sort of discussions, they can actually look and see what those kids are doing online.
It's possible to pull up any information off the computer, even if you deleted said history, so there's no way anyone can b.s. about how "They deleted the history" or whatnot.

I myself am 14 years old, and I realise that molestation is bad, bad, BAD, but I ALSO realise that "Sexual Magic" as it is called is a tried and true method of Magic in itself. I can't say I've ever done it, and I certainly do not want to.

All I'm saying is don't condone or help kids practice it, (Something called morals.) and just keep it at that.

Of course, they have right to keep the info on their site, and it's not as bad as the other stuff that can be found out there, but just put a disclaimer. Kids will look at it regardless of what anyone wants, so you can only warn them, really.

salamay said...

Im sorry, but what you said is rubbish. I am a member of the Teens for Satan group and the Joy of Satan group, and what you said is the biggest load of sh!t ever. The clergy members hardly ever post, let alone have conversations with us. Nothing "sexual" is discussed between us and the clergy. The most sexually natured message was one in which someone asked a question about Kundalini.

Please, if you are going to tell utter lies, at least get your facts straight first. You are a liar and you should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

"Our aim, to swat liars and leeches, hypocrites & humbugs, demagogs & dastards" Your heading describes exactly what YOU are sir. I'm a member of the said egroup and a number of other Satanic egroups and that garbage you spew out is nothing but lies. Sex with the teens... You sicken me. I wouldnt doubt you are the one screwing children.