Monday, July 24, 2006

Professional courtesy

The Daily Kos has been tracking spending on initiatives similar to those on the ballot in Montana this fall. One outfit this post examines is called America at Its Best out of Boise, Idaho.

The head of that group is Duncan Scott, who, the AP says, is "a former Republican state senator from New Mexico who once sponsored a bill there to require a psychologist testifying at a defendant's competency hearing to wear a two-foot-tall cone-shaped hat imprinted with stars or lightning bolts."

And New Mexico legislators should have to wear cone-shaped hats imprinted with the letters "D-U-N-C-E."


Matt Singer said...

Duncan Scott is actually based in the Flathead. Another blogger who did some more legwork found that America at Its Best received more than $2 million from Howard Rich-controlled organizations like the Fund for Democracy and Americans for Limited Government. It appears these same organizations provided virtually all the money for Montanans in Action, the group behind the initiatives here.

It's basically a giant money laundering operation.

Dave Rye said...

Before he moved to New Mexico and went back to being a Republican, Duncan Scott made a great if unsuccessful effort to have the Montana Libertarian Party become a viable organization. I believe the role he filled was basically as an unpaid Executive Director.