Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Election officially over

That wily Outpost editor has figured out how the Democrats can win.

UPDATE: Between the time I wrote that column and the time The Outpost hit the streets, the court-stripping vote on the Pledge of Allegiance did, in fact, come before the House again, and it passed. Of the 260 votes for the bill, 221 were cast by Republicans.


Shane C. Mason said...


That is some really scary stuff. I can not understand how this has happened to the republican party. I remember as a child that the binding prinicpal of the republican party was an almost libertarian view of small government and state authority. What happened? Is the use of the word 'God' (but not the spirit) and fear of burning flags and gay marriage such an overiding factor to keep the base?

I think that democrats can, will and must win if our freedoms are to be protected.

Bowen Greenwood said...


"In all these cases, Democrats can stand before the American people and say proudly that, in three politically motivated assaults on freedom, their party took a brave stand for liberty and the Constitution."

You seem to be calling on politicians to take a brave stand. Alas for contradictions in terms...