Friday, June 08, 2007

Blog power

Last week I whined about how tough it to deliver newspapers all day long and urged everybody to pick up a copy just so I would feel better. This week, although I haven't run the numbers, my seat-of-the-pants estimate is that as many as 500 more papers were picked up than last week. I feel great! Thanks.

P.S. Some of the improved pickup may have had to do with this story, which drew more response than anything I have written in a good long while. One fellow even stopped by to drop off a note saying how much he liked the story -- and left a $10 check inside, made out to me, not the company.

The funny thing about the response is that I never felt real good about how the piece turned out when I wrote it for Montana Quarterly. I thought seriously about not reprinting it in the Outpost.

So you never know. But I suspect here that the response had much more to do with the remarkable subject than with any skill on the part of the writer.

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Anonymous said...

Dave, I can't leave you ten dollars, just a compliment. That's a wonderful story about an amazing woman. Oh, and if I ever DO win the lottery, you'll be the first recipient of my largasse! (Did I spell that right? Looks too much like a physical rather than mental characteristic. Oh well, you know what I mean.)

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!