Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Brain dead

Sounds like the Montana Republican Party is seriously brain dead. Since when is a political convention a private party?


Anonymous said...

No, Dave, the party was seriously braindead when they embraced and APPOINTED TO HEAD THE ED COMMITTEE a Constistupid party member! This is even WAY sicker than their latest little stunt. I think that Montanans are beginning to understand the actual dept of their depravity and psycopathology. These are some extremely sick mofos! I can't imagine anyone wanting to be associated with this group any longer. They are little karl rove wannabees. And MOST peole have moved on beyond the politics of hate and division. But NOT here in Montana!

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

Dave Rye said...

Would you expect a Democratic National Convention to welcome former Democratic U.S. Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, who ended his career with the designation after his name of "R-Colorado?" Or to welcome the current Republican Senator (whose name I can't recall) from Alabama who used to be a Democrat?

A political convention might not be a private party, but it is meant to be a gathering of true believers. John Bohlinger was suspect in that regard before he teamed up with Brian Schweitzer, and obviously had committed political treason after he did so. Since 2004, the only person in Montana who has considered John Bohlinger to be a Republican has been John Bohlinger.

Before he ran for statewide office, John showed his degree of party loyalty by successfully challenging a sitting Republican state senator, even though he himself wasn't yet term-limited out of his House seat.

John Bohlinger has the ultimate nice-guy persona, but he's Exhibit-A if you want an example of ambition and opportunism trumping loyalty and principle.

John also KNEW that he wouldn't be welcome at a GOP convention, since he had previously been snubbed while attending Republican caucuses open to the public at the Capitol. But this latest charade by John is one more way to get a front-page story in the daily papers, and in the process to make the GOP regulars appear to be petty and unreasonable, and give Brian's and John's reelction effort a running start.

I do find it passing strange for Larry to say that most people, presumably including himself, have gone beyond the politics of hate and division, since his regular anti-conservative postings, complete with caps, exclamation points and making fun of the names and parties of those with whom he disagrees, clearly indicate that he personally has never done any such moving on.

JHD said...

"And MOST peole have moved on beyond the politics of hate and division."

Sorry to say, Larry, but most people have moved beyond spewing stock leftwing phrases. Also, some have even started using spelling checkers.

Anyway, I can see why the Republicans in this state have invitation-only political conventions.

David said...

Dave, I don't know whether I would expect Democrats to welcome Campbell, but I would hope they wouldn't lock him out. As you note, this episode makes the GOP look petty and unreasonable, and to what end? So far as I can figure, Republicans gain nothing from this but an opportunity to exercise a little unreasonable pettiness.

Anonymous said...

To Dave R., are CAPS really that offensive to you? And exclamation points as well??!!! Wow! To me they're just speech. FREE speech. Why would you find those offensive?.....? But seriously, Dave, my point is this. Montanans HAVE moved beyond the purposeful divisiness that your party has cultivated. Need proof? Take a gander at the Bitterroot election last. YOU LOST!, badly, in an area that is about as rightwing wacko as you're gonna find. Now, my contention is that if THIS isn't proof enough of the demise of the Repub party, WHAT IS? If you can't win in the Bitterroot, you can't win anywhere! And, Dave, although we disagree, I know that you are an honest man. And a good man who is just wrong on some things. But even YOU have to admit that snubbing a good, decent Republican like Bohlinger does NOT send a very positive message to your ranks among the state. What it says is this: than ANYONE not as wacky as sinrud, sales, lange, koopman, jork, etc. is guilty of TREASON! Now, Dave, you know that I'm not a Republy. But even I can see how this would not be the most intelligent thing to do. That's all I'm saying. The people of Montana understand perfectly well that Schweitzer risked his political life on a good faith attempt at bipartisanship, and that YOUR party spitefully threw it back in his face! It makes you guys seem like such petty, meanspirited, tiny little men not WORTHY of making policy of any kind! So, Dave, I personally think you're better than this. I suggest you distance yourself from this wing of your party. For you see, Montanans understand that John Bohlinger represents not democratic nor republican, but rather simply what's BEST about Montana! And you guys dumped on him! Why? Speaking for ALL Montanans, we'd like to know! I rest my case.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Sam Kitzenberg is going to be allowed to attend?

Anonymous said...

Ben Nighthorse Campbell chose to switch party affiliations. John Bohlinger chose to remain a Republican while running with a Democrat for Governor/Lieutenant Governor. Who are these people who claim to be the gatekeepers of the MontanaRepublican Party? I think it is the individual who chooses a political party, not the other way around. Having attended several state GOP conventions, there are no secrets to be learned at these events.

Anonymous said...

Sam Kitzenberg switched party affiliations. John Bohlinger is still a Republican by his own choice. There are other states that have split tickets for Gov/Lt Governor. Is it so difficult to comprehend? For some Republicans, apparently so.

Roger Koch said...

David, your post was better than red beans with rice, and not nearly as gaseous.

Dave Rye said...

Larry, Larry, Larry...

"Schweitzer risked his political life on a good-faith attempt at bipartisanship..."

Give me a break!

Independents and non-committeds decide elections. Since those people don't pay a whole lot of attention to the differences between the major parties, they say seemingly noble but actually ignorant things like "Why can't you get rid of all the partisan bickering and just work together?"

Schweitzer's choice of an alleged Republican as a running mate was a stroke of political genius, meant to appeal to those people, and it worked. He got most of their votes. Courageous it was not, although it certainly was a charade of being courageous. Brilliant it was. Cynical, too. Machiavellian, even. (You can't get much more cynical than doing something for a thoroughly pragmatic reason and pretending that your motivating factor is idealism.)

Schweitzer also understood the mindset of his running mate: knew that John was already on the verge of irrelevance among Republicans because he mostly voted like a Democrat, and that after an adult lifetime of being an obscure businessman John had a burning desire to BE SOMEBODY for the rest of his life. (There, I used caps as an expression free speech.) You know, fulfill all those glowing predictions from high school that still for some reason hadn't ever happened. Long before the Schweitzer opportunity, John confided to me that it looked as if there would soon be an opening for a Congressional seat (as it turned out, there wasn't) and that he would like to go for it.

You get elected to the Legislature and people treat you (until you're out of office) as somebody a little bit important. That was catnip to John Bohlinger. He thought it'd be ultra-cool to be somebody REALLY important. Schweitzer knew his man's mindset when he picked him for a running mate. The only problem was, What do you do with him AFTER the election, since he has already served his purpose? (In this case, you keep him around to do who-knows-what because there will still be ANOTHER election.)

But then maybe I should have talked more with John before I judged him so harshly. Seems to me the last time he and I talked at any length was at A FUND-RAISER FOR BOB BROWN, where John was presumably one of the cheerful contributors to the campaign of his and Brian's eventual opponent. That was a couple months ahead of when Brian dangled before John the chance to BE SOMEBODY. Funny how John so suddenly saw the light. The only quicker 180-degree turn in history was Paul on the road to Damascus.

I guess you'll continue to think John saw the light and crossed over to the side of sweetness and virtue, and I'll continue to see it as accepting a tempting offer to sell his soul.

But, hey, when you have a chance to BE SOMEBODY, having a soul is apparently overrated.

Anonymous said...

Bohlinger is what I call a RINO (Republican in name only) and deserved to be snubbed.

Governor Schweitzer promised a spirit of bi-particsanship, but instead has steadfastly refused to compromise with the GOP.

John - goodbye, and don't let the door hit you on the a**.

Dave, if you view the ravings and rantings of Larry Kralj as entertainment, like I do, you'll find them much more enjoyable.

David said...

See, Dave, that's what I don't get about this. Picking Bohlinger was a smart move, but it's a move that Republicans could have exploited, too. They could have said, even with much of the country leaning to Democrats, and even with rigged redistricting, Montanans still favor Republicans -- so much so, that even a Democratic governor has to have a Republican on the ticket to get elected. Then the GOP could have welcomed Bohlinger back into its big tent.

Instead, Republicans always have acted like they were snubbed for the prom -- which hurts nobody but them.

Anonymous said...

Dave, you say that Bohlinger "confided" to you?! Wow! After reading your nonsensical rant, I seriously doubt that anyone would "confide" in you again! Seriously, Dave, I used to think that you had a clue. But you don't. What you have written is SO far off the mark as to be ridiculous. Glad to know though that you understand the movtivations of all our politicos! Sheesh. You are a prime example of why your party is slipping into nonexistence. There's nothing there.