Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Power of the blog

Just a month ago, I was complaining about Albertsons preferred savings cards. Today comes this.

I shouldn't take all of the credit. This outfit has something to do with it -- and gets a hat tip for pointing out the story. Also I think I saw a story the last time this came up that said Albertsons had discontinued the cards in stores in the Northwest, although not in Montana. I can't find the link now, but I don't think I dreamed it.


Ed Kemmick said...

David: The story you linked to contained this sentence:

"One food and drug industry watcher said Tuesday that Albertsons' move makes sense, in part because the grocer doesn't use its card program to track customers' shopping patterns."

Wasn't that your objection to the cards, that they were being used to track patterns? If they weren't, what was wrong with them? I never did mind them, figuring privacy invasions in this country were so ubiquitous that I'd hide nothing and surrender everything.

David said...

Ed, Albertsons always claimed it would protect shoppers' privacy, but I never saw any particular reason to believe that. Even if it were true at the time I interviewed the Albertsons spokeswoman, there was no reason why the company couldn't change its mind at any time -- and little chance that it would bother to tell customers if it did.