Monday, June 04, 2007

Business bashing redux

Back on May 20, I quoted Webb Brown of the Montana Chamber of Commerce, who quoted Jon Bennion of the Chamber as saying the "vicious" attitude of the Legislature toward business during this session was a shock. I said I couldn't recall hearing much business bashing.

Today, Mr. Bennion replies, in part:
I'd just point you to the blog that I do ( and have you go through the last five months of posts. That should answer your question regarding my comments. I was at the capitol everyday and attended hundreds of hearings and floor debates. I tried to post as often as time would allow.

Also, the Chamber plans to release its 2007 Voting Review of the legislature and the governor this week. That should also provide you with more info.

I don't have time today to go through five months of posts, but I would have to say that at a quick glance I didn't see a lot of verbal bashing on his site, although he does discuss many bills that the Chamber didn't like.

More rigorous researchers can check for themselves, and in any case the blog itself is of considerable interest as one insider's view of what went on.


Anonymous said...

Any resistance to industry lobbyists is considered a "vicious attitude" to pro-industry marauders. I on the other hand felt this session was extremely pro-industry and development. To the point of pandering to their interests at the expense of the publics well being. When "sustainable development" is a punch line amongst legislators the people of Montana loose while industry goes to the bank.

Jay Stevens said...

I find it interesting that the blog has an "anti-business" category, but no "anti-consumer" link.