Friday, June 29, 2007

Lange announces

I'll have more later on the Outpost website about Mike Lange's announcement this morning for the U.S. Senate against Max Baucus. Brief highlights:

1. He said he has zero money but expects to start raising campaign funds when the new reporting period opens on Sunday.

2. He works four 10-hour shifts a week as a pipefitter, so he will have three days a week to campaign. Plus, he said, his employer gave him four months off during the session and is likely to be willing to give him more time.

3. On Iraq: "Americans have had enough of it." He called for securing Iraq's borders and seeking international help to restore and maintain order.

4. He called for reforms of NAFTA and other trade agreements and of the No Child Left Behind act.

5. His best answer, I thought, was on the question of how he can get by the notoriety he acquired during the legislative session. He didn't sound very sorry for what he said about Gov. Brian Schweitzer, but he continued to express regret for the words he used to say them. He called his tirade a "mulligan," one that Republicans will forgive him but one that cannot be repeated.


Anonymous said...

"He called for securing Iraq's borders and seeking international help to restore and maintain order."

How the heck are we going to secure Iraq's borders, Mr. Lange? I live in Arizona, and can can assure you that we can't secure our own borders!!! (They just found another cross-border tunnel in Nogales. One down, 20,000 to go.)

Kirk Dooley, Mesa AZ

Anonymous said...

So, Lange announced. NOW, would someone, maybe one of you journalists, please do me a favor. You see, I STILL want to know what mike lange's education amounts to! For YEARS were told that corny burns had a degree of some type. I searched and searched and searched, but I could find NO record of corny having a degree of any kind. In fact, the school that they originally said he attended didn't even exist! We had the ONLY U.S. senator who had NO college degree! Now, are the Pubbies gonna do that again to us? Please, someone PUUUUHLEASE tell the world what mike's level of education is. SPECIFICALLY! For you see, he greatly resembles corny. He's a guy who's in financial trouble who has very limited education who needs a job BAD! And corny went from being bankrupt to being a millionaire over night. I don't think it's the BEST idea in the world to select our senators from a pool of ne'er-do-wells who are in BAD need of money! But that's what this run looks like to me. We can do better. Look, I don't care for Max much at all. But my GOD let's not march backwards!

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

Anonymous said...

For quite a few years the Repubs convinced Mt voters that it was too risky to vote for a Dem. The result was a majority in favor of the Rs. Lange's announcement gives the Ds a perfect opening--just show a few selected seconds of Lange's well known tirade and then point out that he is the man that was elected by the Rs as House majority leader. I think many voters will think that it is "too risky" to put that party into power.

Anonymous said...

Lange flunked out of Rocky Mountain College in a year

Anonymous said...

Yipeeee! He IS another Corndog Buns! Only younger! Will Montana AGAIN send a senator who has NO college degree to the most powerful deliberative body in the world? Why NOT?


Anonymous said...

Mike Lange is a good man, and Max is a good man.

Neither choice would discredit Montana.

It's still a long way from the primaries though, who know what the next election will look like.

Anonymous said...

Eric, I must disagree here. Sure, maybe Mike IS a nice guy. But that SURE IN THE HELL DOESN'T QUALIFY HIM TO BE A U.S. SENATOR! So, Eric, here's a leetle quiz for you. Name one, only One, JUST ONE other state that has sent to the U.S. FREAKIN' SENATE a guy who didn't even make it through college! Can ya do'er? Eric, it's like this. I don't WANT Montana to be a laughingstock any longer. Judy mars was supposedly "nice" too. And I don't think she even made it through high school. And she was a terrible embarassment. Ya see, Eric, I happen to think that in THIS day and age, at the very least a MINIMUM requirement for being a senator from Montana shoulb be at LEAST the completion of a college degree! Now, don't you?

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!