Saturday, May 24, 2008

Attacking Obama

I'm not blaming the Clinton campaign for any of this, but I sure am getting a lot of letters and e-mails from people claiming to be Clinton supporters who are making all sorts of odd accusations about Barack Obama. Typical, although nicer than some, is this:

Please research and report this paragraph. (It's dangerous for individuals.) Was Obama's white American mother an atheist? Is it true that Obama and Louis Farrakhan, the militant Muslim leader, bought adjoining property behind a shared fence on the same day? Was Obama's birth father really a Muslim from Kenya, Africa and his stepfather a militant Muslim from Indonesia where Obama spent six years in a Muslim school in Jakarta?

I deleted an e-mail this morning that was considerably worse. Desperate times.


Anonymous said...

This was pointed out to me this morning and seems to answer this queation.

DeeAnna said...

I find the same thing on other sites and what I have decided is that they are no more Clinton supporters then the people claiming to be Obama supporters running amok on the internet making threats and calling people names.

Sites like Democratic Underground are so filled with hatemongers that I refuse to believe that the participants are true Democrats.I think this election has brought out alot of crazies that have found a new outlet for their hostility.

KIrk Dooley said...

Get used to it, folks. This is mild stuff compared with what the GOP operatives will send out there. (John McCain will be doing a lot of "apologizing" this fall, I can assure you. But these'll be the folks doing his dirty work, like Atwater did for Bush Sr. and Rove did for Dubya. It seem to be in the Repubs' DNA. Sadly.)