Saturday, May 31, 2008

Defending Wal-Mart

The Hammond Report posts a Wal-Mart defense. I probably have written more about Wal-Mart than anyone cares to read, but Hammond's defense reinforces a couple of points that continue to stand out in this debate.

1. I can remember a time when "buying local" was a conservative imperative. Every chamber of commerce, every Rotary Club, every small businessman preached the virtues of helping local merchants by buying their goods. The shift of "buying local" from unquestioned conservative principle to wild-eyed liberal extremism is the most remarkable change in American attitudes about the economy that I have ever seen.

2. Conservatives also used to believe that we shouldn't provide aid and comfort to our enemies by buying their goods and propping up their economies. The glee with which alleged conservatives now flock to Wal-Mart to buy products made by dictatorial regimes around the globe is quite amazing to see.

3. One issue I never see Wal-Mart defenders address is the fact that lawsuits have been filed in some 40 states alleging that the company has forced employees to work unpaid overtime. I don't see how anybody, liberal or conservative, can argue that that sort of behavior should be rewarded.


Wulfgar said...

Thank you, most especially for pointing out number one.

I was going to respond to Andy at his website, but he seems to have attracted all of Eric's commenters.

Dave said...

PBS has run several programs on W*M that point out how that company operates -- and none of them are complimentary.