Sunday, May 25, 2008

Clinton is coming

In case you hadn't heard the details, Hillary Clinton will be in Billings at 8 p.m. Tuesday at MetraPark.


Anonymous said...

Hillary will work hard for our families and our country. She's the best bet for our future. More Americans have voted for Hillary than have voted for Sen. Obama. The DNC cannot deny her the nomination. Billings vote for Hillary and show the DNC that we value her tenacity, intelligence and hard work and know she'll make the best president.

Anonymous said...

As an 85 year old MALE citizen of Montana - I had the opportunity a couple of weeks ago to attend both the candidates speeches in Portland.
Obama is definitely an orator - I believe he could read the phone book and the younger voters would cheer him on like a rock star - his main two words of HOPE and CHANGE - interesting - change old Washington DC politics and yet accept the endorsements from the same - just yesterday Senator Alice Palmer described Obamas old Washington DC politics - what is happening here - I personally felt that he was rushing through the rally and had his sites elsewhere probably the general election and just by his showing up he assumed our votes - not so fast Senator - I am FROM MONTANA and no one dismisses me like that - you have to EARN my vote - and at the end of the day when I tried to recall what had been said - I came up with NOTHING.

On the other hand Senator Clinton was warm, compassionated, and seemed to be genuinely sincere with being with us and gave solid solutions to our questions from healthcare to family owned farms, to student loans to the economy to name a few.

HOPE - the other word - I feel HOPE was when Brad Pitt and Bill Clinton went to New Orleans to give HOPE and support to that community for reconstruction and starting a new life - Hillary also attended a rally there a little later on for the same purpose AND THIS IS IMPORTANT BILLINGS - even though SHE HAD NOT GOTTEN THEIR VOTES - Obama was too busy with his campaign to attend - Interesting - doesn't this sound like the old Washington politics he was speaking about a little earlier.

And I still have a problem with the Pastor that married him, baptised his children and unware of his viewpoints AFTER TWENTY YEARS - I personally would not want someone in the White House that just MIGHT be unaware of Iran, Russia, China or N. Korea - let alone his association with Ayers, Rezko, Pastor Wright and now Rev. Pfleger - who else is out there we do not even know about.

I am asking my fellow citizens from Montana and especially from Billings to vote for the only experienced candidate with the fight, vision, plans and the ability to lead us forward into the future.

I know the Montana polls show Obama ahead - but if you can give the popular vote to Sen. Clinton she can go to the convention and fight for us - we are proud here - we do not want a hand out - just a chance for someone to help us help ourselves - research all the issues - and you will vote for Sen. Clinton.

God Bless our America and Montana