Sunday, May 11, 2008

I pledge obesiance

This is a free country, by God, and those who don't agree will be punished.


Anonymous said...

Not only do the schools make sure the kids are ignorant, but obedient as well. It's a two-fer!

Anonymous said...

My children refused to participate in the pledge in SD2 schools. I received calls from administrators and found it necessary to educate them in our state law. One of them, a middle school administrator, said he didn't care what the law said that he was not going to have anyone defy him. I let him know that the next conversation he'd have with me would be with a lawyer. It was dropped after that.

Shane C. Mason said...

My oldest daughter made the same decision in Helena because, she said, as a second grader she did not understand the pledge and felt it wrong to make a promise that she didn't understand. The pricipal was rude and extremely critical of my daughter using her own mind. She said that our daughter was just echoing our beliefs, to which my wife reminded her that the pledge was just an attempt to make our child echo someone elses beliefs. She didn't get the irony.