Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More on Cyphers

If you are a fan of Donald Cyphers and the Montana News Association (and who isn't?), you will enjoy this.


Chuck Rightmire said...

I wonder if you've identified all those who posted about Cyphers. Some of those sound like his postings. Although I have no idea why he'd be attacking himself. I also saw the name Don Cyphers posted on a gas station sign over a nonpayment or an unpaid check a week or so ago. For a long time, the Montana News Association truck was parked behind a building on 7th and Central where you would see it taking the shortcut to Montana Avenue.

Anonymous said...

I looked at the sign and can not find anything. I think your seeing things. There is nothing at 7th and Central gas station. Smoken to much weed lately Chuck?