Thursday, June 26, 2008

Berg on Rye

David Berg was on Dave Rye's show (Berg's old show) this morning talking about his new website (see post below). One thing he said was that he would put up conservative links and even links to liberal websites provided he could find any that didn't rely on personal attacks to make their points.

Rye asked something like, "So you won't be linking to Left in the West?"

Berg said something like, "That's about as far from what I would link to as it could be."

This surprised me, because Left in the West has never seemed like a big site for personal attacks. Although, come to think of it, I may have read a few attacks on Berg there, so maybe that's what he was responding to.

As some commenters to my earlier post noted, there isn't much to look at on Berg's site now. Apparently, he has bigger plans.


Jay Stevens said...

Both Berg and Rye have been the subject of vicious personal attacks on LiTW.

Matt likes to talk about Berg's brush with the law for bigamy; and who can forget Rye's comments about military personnel? That they were too dumb to write op-eds?

So yeah, both guys have felt the fury.

David said...

Good point. I had forgotten about the Rye dust-up.

Anonymous said...

In case anyone want to review Rye's elucidation, it's here:

Dave Rye said...

Um, go ahead and go back to forgetting it.

David said...

These days, forgetting is what I do best.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is forgotten on the Internet.

David said...

Nothing is forgotten; the links just go bad.

Anonymous said...

Go to Berg's blog and "Tell 'em Taylor sentcha!"