Sunday, June 08, 2008

Thursday talk radio update

Sean Hannity has dropped the "Stop the Hillary Express" theme and adopted the "Stop the Radical Obama Express" slogan. Regular listeners will get to hear it thousands of times between now and November.

But what does it mean to call Obama a "radical"? Hannity provides no serious clues, since that would require abandoning his Wright/Ayers/Rezko/Michelle obsession and looking at actual issues. So we are required to fill in the blanks ourselves.

Trouble is, I'm not having much luck at it. I'm sure Obama would be willing to spend more tax dollars than Hannity would like, or even than I would like, but considering the record of Congress over the last 30 years, that hardly sounds radical. At least Obama gets the idea that there has to be some relationship between tax dollars collected and tax dollars spent -- maybe that's his radical position.

What else? Ending the war in Iraq? About two-thirds of Americans agree. Meeting with Iran's rulers? About 70 percent of Americans agree. Sorry, I'm striking out. Obama is seeking to succeed a presidential administration that has been the most radical in my lifetime. It broke new ground against traditional American prohibitions against an unchecked chief executive, torture, suspension of habeas corpus and warrantless searches. Nothing Obama has proposed is anywhere near so radical.

Maybe Hannity just got radical and didn't notice.

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