Friday, June 20, 2008

What you see is what you get

I'm against naked people downtown as much as the next fellow. That's why I've always been opposed to the whole idea of developing apartments and townhouses above downtown businesses. Who knows what people might not be wearing up there?

But I still had to chuckle when I saw Councilman Jim Ronquillo's argument against allowing a rumored restaurant that would allow diners to eat sushi off naked women: "We have enough stuff that happens in our town and we don't need any more. I like people to serve me with their clothes on. That way, I know what I've got."

That's the kind of government we need: the kind that keeps stuff from happening. But if I really want to know what I've got, I suppose I would rather be served by people without any clothes. The fact is, in most restaurants I really don't want to be sure what I've got, so they can just keep their clothes on.


Mark T said...

Billings used to have a couple of nudie bars, but I tell you, it is hard spending all of that time pretending not to look.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it would be easy enough to avoid seeing naked people in that business. Just don't go there. That is my plan!

KIrk Dooley said...

Don't know much about the "naked sushi" biz, except that it's really big in Japan. Technically, it isn't really "nekkid;" the female platter wears a g-string in the picture I have seen (on the internet, of course -- where all dirty pictures are). The young lady in question is covered in what we Montanans (residents and expats) would refer to as "bait," with the patrons (mostly Japanese businessmen in suits and ties) using chopsticks to dine. (Using your fingers is strictly verboten, for sanitary and/or moral reasons.)

If the marketplace decides that this sort of thing is needed in Billings, it will succeed. Although considering that it will take at least an hour to find a place to park, and that the patrons will have to go out once an hour to feed the parking meters, I doubt it'll do the business the young lady expects -- especially since no alcohol will be served (the loophole). Besides, the ladies in this business these days have more tattoos than a sailor, which is a major turn-off to me personally (and I'm too cheap to tip, anyway ;-) ).