Saturday, July 19, 2008

Free advice

John Driscoll has put up a beta version of his campaign website for Montana's U.S. House seat. He invites suggestions for improvements -- provided the suggestions won't cost any money, of course.

My free suggestion: Make the mug shot smaller.


jhwygirl said...

Yeah - that is a big face there.

It's also too white. Needs some color.


KIrk Dooley said...

Add my vote to a smaller photo, along with losing the "End of the World" sized typeface -- unless Driscoll is going for the votes of the visually-challenged (that's blind folks, to the not-so politically correct). has been asking is the "Dooley" who has been running a pro-Bob Kelleher blog that just came out ("Eyebrows over Highbrows") is yours-truly. I must state for the record that it is not, nor is it "Mr. Dooley" (Finlay Peter Dunne has been safely dead for almost a century now). I have not started a blog of my own, since I figure it would be a waste of bandwith (i.e., nobody would care). ;-)

I would have commented at LeftintheWest, but I couldn't find the comments box. (Luckily for them.)

Tulla said...

Good for people to know.