Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ups and downs

I've often thought that the high point of history in my lifetime was the fall of the Berlin Wall. I think this is the low point.


Dave said...

More and more often, these last few years, I've wondered what the heck the point of the Oath that is taken by elected officials.
I can only hope that I'm still around to see what happens if/when the American people decide to take the country back from the politicians.

Anonymous said...

If Jane Mayer is so concerned about violations to the Constitution, then is one to assume she has also written a book about the Supreme Court decisions over the past half century or so? Her consternation would be more believable if she had. That's the problem with declaring that the Constitution is a "living document" -- one never knows for sure who will grow it, but in the end it will probably die.