Thursday, July 24, 2008

Web update

The webmaster (my wife) is in Texas, and we are having a bit of trouble getting the Outpost website updated. Check back on Saturday, please. In the meantime, take joy in this post criticizing Obama for using the German language to invite Germans to attend a speech he is giving in Germany.

I think the poster originally was supposed to be in English, but the German-only law blocked it.


Jay Larry Lundeen said...

It would be too easy to criticize Obama for only speaking English in his address to the German people. Isn't he just one of the Americans that he is "ashamed" of who go to Europe with merely monolingual skills? I'll let others point out this obvious hypocrisy.

In the big picture there will not be a reasoned debate of McCain's and Obama's stances on the issues this year, just knee-jerk responses by even really bright people who will ferociously defend "their guy." I can't believe McCain and Obama are the best this country can offer up for leadership. No wonder so many of us are now independents . . . and seriously disappointed.

A majority of the press seems to have a ga-ga rockstar love-affair with Obama, led by the irrepressibly irritating Chris Matthews of MSNBC's Hardball who gets a "tingle up his leg" when he hears Obama speak. So much for present-day journalism.

David said...

I'm missing the hypocrisy. Obama was talking about the virtues of learning foreign languages in general; I don't believe he was arguing that all Americans should learn every language in the world and use only that language when they speak to people in that country.

Besides, speaking a language isn't like riding a bicycle. It's not something you just figure out one day. It's something you work on all of your life. I've spent quite a few years studying and speaking German and, believe me, if I had to give an important speech in front of 200,000 Berliners, with the rest of the world watching, I would still rather speak English.

Interesting how you can use one off-hand comment by one commentator as a basis for dismissing all of "present-day journalism." Is your world that small?