Monday, July 28, 2008

The man with no money

Had a long and fascinating interview this morning with John Driscoll, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. House who vows not to spend any money running for office.

I have never thought for a second that he had a ghost's chance, especially after reading this story, but he is awfully persuasive in person. There's nothing like utter independence from campaign contributors and party machinery to make a fellow free to say what he thinks.

Much more in Thursday's (or possibly the Aug. 7) Outpost.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i am an independent who would have loved to vote for Jim Hunt to replace Marlenee's apprentice as Montana's only congressman.

Driscoll? who is this blithering idiot and what kind of ignorant party would vote for him?
does he imagine that a single freshman congressman from Montana has the power to tell america to"stop burning coal..." Has the man no idea of what the office means.

Driscoll obviously doesn't value the process enough to invest one cent or to even speak coherently about issues. I will vote for Obama and gag a little while i vote for Baucus but Driscoll will force me to write in Jim Hunt.

I suggest other independents do the same.