Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday talk radio update

A caller to Dave Rye this morning said he was sickened by constantly hearing liberals making political hay out of 9-11 on its anniversary -- saying the U.S. was to blame, or that it was a conspiracy, and so on. He said he heard it on station after station as he went about his business from place to place. He cited no examples, and Rye, agreeing with him, also cited none.

Since he said he had been going from place to place, I assume he was listening to radio. If he did, then I can say in all sincerity that I have absolutely no idea what he was talking about. I listened to radio from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., with a break for German class, and never heard a single soul say anything remotely like what he was talking about. Is there an alternative radio dimension out there somewhere where liberals are allowed to trash America? They don't exist on my planet.


Dave Rye said...

David, I have heard allegations that 9-11 was a Bush Administration inside job several times on XM Satellite Radio's channel 167, the channel for "progressive talk."

I really don't want to admit on the air of an over-the-air network that I HAVE satellite radio in my home, or that it even exists. I irritate my management enough complaining occasionally on the air, and more often off it, about an excess of commercials (which is one reason why I have an XM subscription in the first place)--sort of like newspaper reporters complaining about the news hole always being too small. That's when they and their broadcast counterparts get reminded that the ads are what pay their salaries. The bottom-line guys deny that there can be any such thing as too much advertising.

Both the Left and the Right have their nutty fringe people. The fringies on the Left, generally the "Bush lied" crowd, claim all kinds of conspiracies about 9-11, including the one you mentioned about which I had a call on Friday. One of those fringies is former Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Georgia) who I believe is this year's Presidential nominee of the Green Party. This is the same Cynthia McKinney who caused a scene after a Capitol security guard asked to see her name badge. She used to camp out on an aisle seat in the House chamber hours before a scheduled State of the Union address, so the TV cameras would catch her hugging Bush as he came down the aisle, back when 9-11 was a very recent memory and he was still popular.

Chuck Rightmire said...

Dave: there are a lot of us who believed Bush lied who don't believe that 9/11 was any kind of a conspiracy by anyone but the al queda group of fanatics. We happen to think that our Constitution is still in good enoujgh shape that following the First Amendment someone would have talked by now. Same with the Kennedy and Lincoln assinations. Why don't the conspiracy nuts ever question the Garfield and McKinley shootings? Nuts will be nuts but their are a lot more of them, in my experience on the right than the left. Think Freemen, militia, Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, etc. And if you don't think that Bush was lying, go back to his speeches about Iraq before we went in there and note what he's saying every time he leans forward on his left forearm in an effort to be sincere.

Dave Rye said...

Putting Rush and Hannity in the same category as the freemen and the militia is equivalent to grouping Ted Kennedy and Bill Moyers with the Weather Underground.

And how could I have been so non-observant as not to have been able to tell by his body language that Bush was telling a whopper?

Mark T said...

Dave - that's one monstrous imputation of a small part on the whole body - a logical fallacy so large as to be comical. Is this typical of your program?

Remember, you follow the path blazed by Pat Stinson. I hope you are up to his standards.

Chuck Rightmire said...

Dave: What people like you don't seem to realize is that the Rushes and Hannitys are the fuel that ignite the Freemen, the militias and others. I saw it work with the Freemen.

Dave Rye said...

Oh, so expressing conservative and/or traditionalist ideas incites those who hear them to attempt violent insurrections?

If I believed that kind of silliness, Chuck, I'd be a liberal myself.

One of the standards of the show upon which I insist, Mark, is civility. That's a concept you wouldn't know about.

Chuck Rightmire said...

It is not the conservative values, it is the language used and the deep detestation of government by the hannities and limbaughs and others I won't name that create the militias and the freemen. I saw what went on with the Freemen from a very close viewpoint before they hit the big time news.