Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday talk radio update

Delivery day fell on Sept. 11, and both candidates suspended political attacks for the day. Sean Hannity said, "No matter how much we disagree on issues, I think Barack Obama is a fine American, and I will be pleased to support him should he win the presidency."

No, I'm lying about Hannity. When I flipped over to Hannity, he was alleging, with zero evidence, that the Clintons were rooting for Obama to lose the election. Then he brought up the "lipstick on a pig" foolishness. Then he played a clip of allegedly liberal celebrities committing faux pas. This was all in about three minutes

Meanwhile, Joe Sample was playing Billie Holiday on YPR. I weighed my options: Billie Holiday vs. Clinton bashing; Billie Holiday vs. lipstick on a pig; Billie Holiday vs. celebrity bloopers. I chose Billie Holiday.

Mighty strange fruit coming out of the campaigns these days.

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