Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thursday talk radio update

Whatever hope Sarah Palin had of winning me over disappeared when she granted an exclusive interview to Sean Hannity, toady to Republican stars. I heard only a few minutes on the radio, but that was more than enough. Hannity was trying his hardest not to trip her up; she was trying her hardest not to trip up. Chances that news might break out were pounded to a minimum. Slumber ensued.

Elsewhere, Glenn Beck was outraged that the bums who hacked into Sarah Palin's e-mail weren't already in jail. Dennis Miller, who interviewed the host of Fox News' "Red Eye" Friday morning, heard much the same screed. Both were contemptuous of liberals who got their dander up on over Bush administration invasions of privacy but who sit quietly while Palin's e-mail becomes a public record.

I agreed with Beck in principle, but I couldn't figure out why he thought the hackers should already have been caught. I can barely get into my own e-mail, much less anybody else's, but I would assume that anyone bright enough to hack e-mail, and brazen enough to let the world know about it, would have taken at least a few steps to remain anonymous. Give the cops a break, Glenn.

The argument by both Beck and the "Red Eye" host about selective outrage by liberals made no sense to me. The hackers are crooks, and ought to be locked up. But you would think a couple of conservatives would understand why there might be a bit less outrage when crooks behave like crooks than when the U.S. government behaves like a crook.


Chuck Rightmire said...

Hey, conservatives think the government can do anything but raise taxes on the rich and regulate business.

Mark T said...

You used the word "toady". I didn't think you knew it.