Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday talk radio update, Part 2

I was surprised to hear Dave Rye take it easy both on Thursday and Friday on Brian Schweitzer with respect to allegations that he bragged about tampering with the Tester-Burns election. He pretty much dismissed the matter as a failed joke.

That may be accurate, but I thought the story provides pretty good ammunition for Republicans. Even if Schweitzer didn't do anything wrong, it's a heck of an inappropriate thing to be joking about, especially to a bunch of trial lawyers in another state. And the fact that McGrath won't investigate makes it look even fishier.

Republicans have been trying to stick it to Schweitzer for years for his recklessness, his arrogance and his bullying. This is the best chance yet to make it stick.


Ed Kemmick said...

What everybody seems to be ignoring is that the incident involved a lot more than dumb jokes. Two actual incidents were mentioned as a result of the coverage: that Schweitzer applied pressure to the clerk and recorder in Butte and the AP bureau chief in Helena. I'm not sure either action was illegal, but both were highly inappropriate and should be the focus of a lot more inquiry.

David said...

Ed, I guess I don't much care about pressure on AP. They get paid to take that heat. But the clerk and recorder incident, if true, is much more serious.