Sunday, September 28, 2008

Out, damned spot

Curse George Will. He's making me agree with him again.


6 Generations said...

But, David, we're being encouraged to vote early here in the metro Atlanta area because of the concern that a huge voter turnout will over-run the polling places, causing mass confusion. People complained of long waits and long lines in some areas of metro Atlanta when they voted in the presidential primary. According to one article I read, up to 99,000 new voters registered in Georgia in August, and some counties are expecting a 90% voter turnout. Dekalb County alone is training more than 3,000 poll workers. Common Cause claims that Georgia is one of the least prepared states for such a turnout, and the organization is recommending that people vote early. 90% of 944,642 Montanans (2006 population approximations) meeting at the polls on November 4th is a party; 90% of 9,363,941 Georgians; or 19,306,183 New Yorkers; or 36,457,549 Californians is a riot. Okay...90% is wishful thinking, but still, advanced voting has its use.

Anonymous said...

With all the problems we are having with election fraud - votes counted in secret by private corporations using proprietary software, exit polls gone awry ... Will's concerns seem somewhat effete. We've got real problems, but they are not with people refusing to be herded into the local school cafeteria on a Tuesday night.