Monday, March 09, 2009

Honorably discharged

Let's see. If I got out of the Army 36 years ago yesterday, then I must have gone into the Army 39 years ago today. Guess I'll have another gin and tonic.

The most vivid thing I remember about the induction center was walking through the line in our underwear and hearing a doctor giving physical examinations say, "Here we are, keeping the world safe from democracy."

A few hours later, I was on a plane to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

In honor of the occasion, one more German poem. I've seen this attributed to Goethe. Don't know if that's true. Don't care.

Der schlimmste Feind des Menschen wohl,
Das ist der boese Alkohol.
Doch in der Bibel steht's gescrieben,
Du sollst auch deine Feinde lieben.


The worst enemy of man is certainly evil alcohol.
But it is written in the Bible,
You should love your enemies.

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