Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A young man's fancy

Dang, I get baseball fever on a day like this. Somebody throw me a glove.

UPDATE: MSU Billings plays its first home game on March 31. Sounds a million years away.


Anonymous said...

I love baseball and follow a certain team that has a Rookie League team in Billings, Montana. It's fun to watch the kids move through the system. But the greed of owners and players is a downer. (Manny Ramirez is disgusting.)

The best baseball around is in the minor leagues, in places like Billings.

Kirk Dooley said...

Everybody down here goes crazy this time of year because we have spring training (the Cubs play their games less than a mile from my single-wide here in Mesa). Spring games used to be fun, but even they are getting pricey. To sit on the outfield berms -- that's another way of saying a grassy knoll -- at a Cubs game now costs seven %&#@!&*% dollars now, and parking is so limited in the area of HoHoKam park that the neighbors are charging to let you park on their lawns (usually between three and five bucks per automobile).

And for that money, you get to see the players you want to see for a couple of innings (before they dash off to play golf), with the rest of the game being played by kids who might spend the year in AA ball, at best. (Even Lou Pinella is gone before the seventh inning yawn for the links, although he manages to make it look good by getting thrown out by the umpires -- although I suspect it looks more like that bottled water commercial: "You better throw me out of this game -- I've got a reputation to uphold here.")

And the traffic? Think what it would be like if the Mustangs drew 10,000 fans per game. :-(