Monday, March 02, 2009

Sunday talk radio update

I was listening to Bill Cunningham last night while doing the monthly billing. Part of his show was a tribute to Paul Harvey, which wasn't handled particularly well but was at least worthy. I listened to Paul Harvey growing up a kid and figured he must have been a million years old then. I haven't heard him much in recent years but always sort of figured he would be around long after I'm gone. He had a voice that could have made reading the commodity market reports sound interesting. Nobody ever had a better delivery.

Then Cunningham went on to proclaim the "I hope Obama fails" agenda, and wound up accusing liberals of labeling conservatives as Nazis. It wasn't clear to me exactly whom he was blaming for this. At one point, he blamed the mainstream media, but that was almost certainly untrue. Whatever its failings, the MSM rarely calls people Nazis who aren't actually, you know, Nazis.

The funny thing is, during the election campaign, Cunningham regularly referred to "Barack Hussein Obama" as a Bolshevik. He did it every week, as if he meant it to be a serious label. I wondered if he had any clue what a Bolshevik actually was.

I suppose it's marginally worse to be labeled a Nazi than a Bolshevik. But guys who toss around the latter term don't have much grounds to complain about the former.

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Vince said...

David, it's an example of Godwin's Law (look it up in wikipedia.) When a discussion starts running out of steam, the loser starts making references to Hitler or Nazis.