Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Wandering through the Intertubes yesterday, I ran across yet another defense of conservative talk radio as the refuge of reason and logic (sorry, I forget where, and no time to look it up, but it was from somebody who ought to know).

I thought: Have I gone mad? Am I so blinded by my own liberal media bias that I can't recognize logic when I hear it? So driving to work this morning after class I tuned in Rush Limbaugh and heard him say, all in one sentence, that liberals are mean spirited and racists and that some of them are Stalinists.

Mean spirited? I guess that's a matter of opinion (certainly not a matter of logic). But as for the other two charges, I would argue that, by definition, neither can possibly be true. A racist is at best a failed liberal (or a failed conservative, since overt racists no longer a respected part of the national political dialogue). And a Stalinist just can't be a liberal. It's like saying that some apples are oranges.

This is useful debate? This is Socratic dialogue? This is logic?


Ed Kemmick said...

On that highly respected information organ known as the Montana News Association, the incisive conservative commentator J.D. Longstreet, in a piece headlined "Reagan Wept!", had this to say:

"After Reagan watched a few videos of Obama's speeches, the smile would slowly drain from Reagan's face as he scanned the adoring, worshipful, faces of the crowd while some fainted in their passion for the boy/man 'messiah' and I can hear the crestfallen President say in a voice grown husky in bitter remembrance: 'I've seen those faces before.... in Berlin in the 1930's.' Then, Ronald Reagan would weep."

So there you have it. Even the late President Reagan sees shades of totalitarianism on the Left. Put that in your "illogical" pipe and smoke it.

Anonymous said...

Rush seeks to inflame without enlightening.

Chuck Rightmire said...

Mirror time, again!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh snap! Mr. Rightmire, might you be more specific?

aniroo said...

I've never listened to Rush and the one time I accidently heard Hannity, I turned it off after the first caller. Am I missing something? Why do you all listen to it?

Jason said...

I wonder how Rush would explain the Kronstadt rebellion.