Friday, March 13, 2009

Thursday talk radio update

Sean Hannity has been criticizing Barack Obama for saying that he doesn't pay much attention to day-to-day fluctuations of the stock market. This is, of course, a perfectly reasonable thing for Obama to say, and it is what even Hannity would want the president to say if the president were a Republican. Nobody wants a president who changes his economic policies every day based on how many points the stock market goes up or down. But Obama is a Democrat, so Hannity has been mocking this comment daily.

Hannity also has been saying that Obama is to blame for recent market declines and has even called this "the Obama economy." He also has repeatedly asserted that he will treat Obama fairly, giving credit where credit is due and criticizing where criticism is due.

The stock market rose 240 points on Thursday. So, if:

1. The president is responsible for the stock market, and
2. Daily fluctuations matter, and
3. Fair is fair,

then Hannity must have been praising Obama to the heavens on Thursday, right?

Wrong. Funny thing, I listened for two hours, and he never mentioned the stock market. Probably just an oversight.

Meanwhile, Ed sent me this link, in which Hannity endorses torture. Many of the comments focused on the last four words: "And I'm a Christian." What could possibly have been the point? commenters wanted to know.

I took the point to be that Hannity is aspiring to membership in Christians for Torture, which meets Tuesdays in the Satanic Hall. But I liked best the response that said: "I'm trying to figure out the the point of Hannity's last ten million words."

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