Sunday, March 08, 2009

Out of my head, special edition

Just so you know, I got out of the Army 36 years ago today. Traditionally, I get drunk on this anniversary, but I probably will settle for a gin and tonic sometime tonight. And I will pull my favorite beer-drinking song out of my head:

Da wo the blaue Isar fliesst,
Wo man mit "Gruess Gott" dich gruesst,
Liegt meine schoene Muenchner Stadt,
die ihres gleichen nicht hat.

In Muenchen steht ein Hofbraeuhaus,
Eins, zwei, g'suffa!
Da laeuft schon manches faesschen aus,
Eins, zwei, g'suffa!
Da hat schon mancher braver Mann,
Eins, zwei g'suffa!
Gezeigt was er so vertragen kann,
Schon frueh am Morgen fing er an,
Und spaet am Abend ging er hinaus,
So schoen ist's im Hofbraeuhaus.

Wasser ist billig, rein und gut,
Doch verduennt es unser Blut.
Schoener sind tropfen goldenen Weins
Aber am schoensten ist eins:

(Repeat chorus)

Crude translation:

There where the blue Isar River flows,
Where one is greeted with "Gruess Gott,"1
Lies my lovely city of Munich,
Which is beyond compare.

In Munich stands a Hofbrauhaus,
One, two, g'suffa.2
There has been emptied many a keg,
One, two, g'suffa.
There has the occasional brave man
Shown how much he could hold.
Early in the morning, he began,
And late in the evening, he went home,
So lovely is it in the Hofbrauhaus.

Water is cheap, pure and good,
But it thins our blood.
Lovelier are drops of golden wine,
but loveliest of all is one thing: (chorus)

1. Literally, "Greet God," "Gruess Gott" is the traditional Bavarian greeting.

2. "G'suffa" means nothing in particular that I know of, but if you are singing along after drinking a liter or two of good German beer, rocking in time to the music, you will get the idea.

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